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Случайный кадр



Музыка и высказывания Сандры Баллок

Музыка ее голоса:

Источник Описание Размер, (kB)
Late Show w/ David Letterman "YAAAAY!!!" 19.6
The Today Show "Dirty boy!" 8.03
Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno "Top o' the mornin' to you!" 14.1
Entertainment Tonight "Oh SHUT UP!!!" 12.8
Oprah Winfrey Show "Oh! Touchй!" 11.8
MTV Summer Movie Showcase "HI GUYS!" 9.1
PrimeTime Live "Coming to a neighorhood near you!" 14.5
People's Choice Awards "Absolute garbage." 12.2
Muppets Tonight "phenomena" 29
Demolition Man "Be well." 8.3
Forces Of Nature "Bleeding From The Head!" 17.8
Entertainment Tonight Sandra and Nicole Kidman: "Strong like bull!" 15
E!'s Uncut (in a little girl's voice) "I just drove a bus." 39.1
Tonight show w/ Jay Leno "Big ol' butt!" 13.8
E!'s Uncut "WHERE'S MY CAPPUCINO!" 35.5
Late Show w/ David Letterman "His name is not CARL!" 35.3
E!'s Uncut "Don't touch my dessert." 32.6
Access Hollywood "Alright! I'm female fun!" 23.1
HBO Hope Floats: First Look Harry Connick Jr. sings a song about Sandra 99.7
Tonight show w/ Jay Leno "HEY! HEY! HEY!" 10.8
Late Show w/ David Letterman "I am just the person supplying the house." 25.7
Entertainment Tonight Sandra and Ruby Wax: "JUICY LUCY RARE!" 25.6
PrimeTime Live "Whoever has a problem with Kentucky Fried Chicken, I have a problem with." 26.2
Crook & Chase "Kentucky Fried Chicken extra crispy, mashed potatoes and biscuit? Yeah!" 33.6
28 Days "I'm not a lesbian!" 16.1
Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno "You lookin' at me?" 7.8
People's Choice Awards "I love all of you!" 18.2
Late Show w/ David Letterman "Mommy!" 5.8
E!'s Uncut "My mother's gonna kill me! 'I can't believe you said that!'" 63.4
Speed 2: Cruise Control "So who's ready to par-tay on the big boat besides me?" 29.3
People's Choice Awards "I still need to be thrown from a plane and run over by a boat." 28
Today Show "As Popeye says: 'I am what I am.'" 18.3
Muppets Tonight "PUT IT ON!" 9.7
Entertainment Tonight "SHOOT!" 11
PrimeTime Live "WHOO! It's hot under my skirt!" 13.3
MTV's Most Wanted A Sandra "snort" 17.8
The Tonight Show "Freeze, sucker!" 10.4
MTV's Most Wanted Sandra singing Coolio's "Too Hot" 59
MTV Summer Movie Showcase "Do you have nothing better to do than to just sort of watch me?" 32
When the Party's Over Sandra's answering machine 30.4
People's Choice Awards "I would like to say something witty and intelligent now, but I have a feeling that's not gonna come to me." 47.1
Access Hollywood "There's nothin' like the wonderbra!" 18.7
2008-2009, Сандра Баллок (Sandra Bullock)
Российский фан-клуб.
Проект Сандра Баллок (Sandra Bullock) в Интернете.
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